Although many people believe that astrology has no right to be called a science, there are a growing number of scientific studies that are starting to prove otherwise.

According to new research published in Nature Neuroscience, which was conducted by Vanderbilt University, the position of the planets during one’s birth could actually have an impact on their personality.

That leaves only one question: which zodiac sign are you most compatible with?


People born under this sign require a great deal of mental stimulation from their partners. They tend to get bored easily, and this is especially true during romantic relationships that start to go flat.

They are also considered humanitarians, and tend to be forward thinking when it comes to social issues and norms. Intellectual conversation is the best way to attract an Aquarius.

Relationship Compatibility: Leo


Pisces tend to be creative, imaginative, and gentle. Their intuition allows them to understand others and see things from a different perspective with ease.

Although they tend to be introverted, they enjoy meeting new people and are easy to talk to if you give them the chance.

They have a giving nature, and can be extremely empathetic. They are loyal to their partners, but require a deep, emotional connection.

Relationship Compatibility: Virgo


Someone born under the sign of Aries feels called to act before they feel called to think. Depicted as a ram, it’s no wonder that they take life by the horns.

They are determined, passionate, and can be brave in almost any situation that calls for it. They need to be excited by their relationships, especially their romantic entanglements.

Relationship Compatibility: Libra


Taurus are practical and dependable when it comes to daily life. They never stop a job before it’s finished, and you can count on them to take care of a problem.

Though this can make them seem stubborn, they can be good listeners, and they tend to be very protective of the people they love the most. In a romantic relationship, they will be sensual and emphasize romance.

Relationship Compatibility: Scorpio


Gemini are complicated because their personalities are divided in two. Rightfully called the twins, they can be unpredictable, and you’ll never know which one you’ll get when it comes to being in a relationship.

They can be social and charismatic, but they can also be consumed by their own thoughts, which makes them serious and unsociable. They need conversation and challenges when it comes to a romantic partner.

Relationship Compatibility: Sagittarius


Those born under this sign can be complex and difficult to know, but that’s only because they are extremely deep, emotional, and full of creativity.

Their loved ones are their entire focus, and they almost have a motherly nature to them. They need a loyal partner who won’t betray their trust, and most importantly, who will have patience.

Relationship Compatibility: Capricorn


Leos, represented by the lion, are natural leaders. They love to be in the spotlight, but also have big hearts for the people closest to them.

Their passion is immense, and they will stop at nothing when it comes to achieving a goal.

They wear their feelings on their sleeves, so a romantic partner will never have to guess how they think or feel.

Relationship Compatibility: Aquarius


These people are analytical and hard-working. They will mull over every detail in a situation or problem until they feel satisfied that they understand.

The problem they often have is that they think too much before acting or making a difficult decision. Their partner needs to make them feel important in a relationship, but don’t expect to see much emotion.

Relationship Compatibility: Pisces


Libras are peaceful and cooperative, and they absolutely hate to be alone. Their interests lie in the arts and beauty, which means they typically enjoy expressing themselves this way as well.

Inequality is a great injustice to the Libra, and they need balance in order to thrive. Their partner needs to be easy going.

Relationship Compatibility: Aries


Scorpios remain calm and collected under pressure. They are extremely trustworthy individuals who know how to keep a secret.

If your best friend is a Scorpio, you lucked out. They can be mysterious and unwilling to express their emotions, but are also resourceful and passionate.

When it comes to romance, they need the right amount of time to build trust.

Relationship Compatibility: Taurus


Sagittarius crave nature, freedom, and anything having to do with the outdoors. They hate being told what to do because they want to experience everything life has to offer.

Travel is major part of their lives, which means they need a partner who feels the same way. Adventure, spontaneity, and openness are all requirements of a romantic partner.

Relationship Compatibility: Gemini


These individuals are the most hard-working and dedicated of all the zodiac signs. They need to be taken seriously, and they are extremely disciplined.

Their work ethic allows them to achieve success when it comes to their careers, which means that their partners have to get used to their priorities. Expect independence, stubbornness, and never try to tell a Capricorn what to do.

Relationship Compatibility: Cancer

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