Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty.

Taurus is one of the most consistent and dependable signs in the zodiac. They are determined and will stick by your side for better or worse, no matter how rough life gets.

They aren’t easily persuaded or distracted, and it would take an act of god to pry them away from you or push them into someone else’s arms.

The last person who would ever even consider cheating is a Taurus. It would be the ultimate betrayal, and they just aren’t built for it.

Your taurus will be your ride or die mate for life, their loyalty is unparalleled.

They see love as sacred.

You’ll never see a Taurus carelessly throwing around the “L” word, or getting into one relationship after another.

They take love very seriously and believe that choosing to be with someone is a big deal.

Many Taurus’s only have one or two great loves in their lifetime, this is how rare and sacred it is for them to fall.

This being said, once they have chosen you and fallen in love, that’s it for them. That love will never fade or run out.

Personal growth is a priority.

Taurus is a very hard worker and they live their lives in pursuit of growth and productivity. This applies just as much to their romantic relationships as to anything else.

When you’re with a Taurus, they want to see you grow, bloom and achieve your goals and they are always happy and willing to support you in whatever way you need to make that happen. You will have a true partner in all of your endeavors while you’re with them.

They appreciate the finer things.

We’ve mentioned what a hard worker Taurus can be, but the great news is that they are also perfectly able to enjoy themselves and they know the value of down time.

They have good taste and are all about quality, so they have an innate love for all the finer things in life.

When they want to unwind and do something enjoyable for themselves and/or something romantic for their partner, you can bet it will be grand and classy. Only the best for you, after all!

They only want to be with people of substance.

If a Taurus has chosen you as a partner, it’s definitely complimentary since they just plain don’t surround themselves with anyone but the best people. No one-night stands or vapid fair weather friends to be found near the Taurus!

They want people of substance, who can connect with them on a deep intimate level both emotionally and physically.

They want a partner who can engage in meaningful, intelligent conversation at any time. If you’re loved by a taurus, count yourself lucky.

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