You have probably seen people with feather tattoos. People get tattoos for many reasons but there are common traits in the metaphoric expressions.

You may be wondering why feathers and not a bird. Well its a difference in subtlety.

The feather makes viewers imagine birds, so a feather tattoo has multiple different connotations.

It conjures more abstract expressions than a bird. A beautiful tattoo, it can be easily adapted to many parts of the body.


Feathers come from birds, making it synonymous with freedom. Birds can take flight and go anywhere they want, any time they want.

A person with feather tattoos is either celebrating their freedom or trying to to find their freedom. If you know someone with this tattoo, give them space to define their relationship with you.

Love them in a way that doesn’t pin them down.


The feather is a highly specialized tool that gives birds their freedom. People with this tattoo are usually very spiritual. This metaphor translates easily to the person’s spiritual path.

They want to take flight and elevate to new heights. If you are seeking a relationship with this person realize that their spiritual development is a priority  for them.


Birds have the ability to defy gravity and take to the skies, covering massive distances, fighting unseen winds. We have the same ability to assert ourselves and take flight mentally and spiritually.

People with feather tattoos are expressing their unique abilities and confidence in themselves.


Birds are often seen as creatures of wisdom and intellect. Their feathers are what gives birds their ability of flight.

Specifically isolating the physical aspect of bird’s flight, makes a metaphoric connection between the bearer and formations of wisdom and intellect.

It can symbolize a transcendence into higher planes of thought. The feather allows birds to have a 360 degree view of objects. The feather can be a reminder of ability and need to see formations from different angles and distances.


Birds are beautiful; their sharp, piercing eyes, multi-tonal colors in their coats, and unique movements. Aside from their physical beauty, the view they have is truly unique and amazing.

The feather can be a reminder of the beauty of all things. When you look at a feather you imagine different birds and each person will visualize a different bird.


Feathers are the distinctive tools of birds. The wearer can link themselves to multiple societies with a common feather, making them great reminders of aspects of cultures.

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