Falling in love is exciting, beautiful, and such a joyous time. But it’s even better when you’re falling in love with your one and only – your soulmate.

It’s no secret that you might endure a few relationships before meeting “the one.” Dating can be a whirlwind of emotions when you’re unsure of or doubting the person you’re with. 

You may wish there was a crystal ball or tarot reading that would tell you, without a doubt, who your soulmate really is. Is it the person you’re currently with? Is it your best friend from childhood? Are they still out there, waiting for you to find one another? 

While there is no clear-cut guide or answer, there are some subtle signs that happen when you do find your soulmate. Here are 6 signs you’ve found “the one” – your soulmate: 

1. They hold you accountable. 

They hold you accountable to continuous growth and self-improvement. 

They don’t hold you back from your goals and desires. Rather, they push you to be the best version of yourself possible. 

If there’s something you really want in life, they won’t let you give up. They gently remind you when you need a nudge, and cheer from the sidelines when you’re on a roll. 

If you’re with someone who doesn’t value your goals or growth, it’s time to reevaluate if that’s the person you want to continue on with.  

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2. They’re proud of you. 

They take pride in both your relationship and just who you are as a person. 

They deeply admire who you are and what you stand for. You don’t have to wonder if they like you, they make it clear that they do. And beyond that, they’re proud of the person you’re growing into. 

They’re comfortable taking you around family and friends, and their family and friends know of that pride they hold for you – because they won’t stop talking about how great you are. 

While you don’t need outside affirmation to believe in yourself, if you’re with someone who takes zero pride in the relationship or in yourself, or if you’re with someone who tries to hide you from their loved ones, they’re probably not your soulmate. 

3. They make you a priority. 

They recognize and value how important it is to upkeep and prioritize you and your relationship. 

They dedicate time to learning to better communicate with you and to work on your relationship, partnership, and friendship. 

Because you’re a priority to them, they include you in decision making and consciously work to live in harmony with you. 

4. They see you. 

They see you as the bigger picture of who you are, and the smaller side of you. They notice the little things you do, the tiny bits of your personality that shine through – and they love and appreciate every bit of them.

When they look at you, they don’t just see your outer, physical self. They see the deepest parts of your soul. They truly see you, on a spiritual level. And you can feel that. 

5. They love the people that you love. 

Your people become their people. Just like they love and value you, they also hold love and appreciation for the people that you love and value. 

They make an effort to build relationships with your friends and family. They value you the relationships that you hold dearest to you and aim to nurture those with you, rather than cause conflict. 

If you’re with someone who tries to drive a wedge between you and a loved one, that may be a sign you’re in the wrong relationship. 

6. They deeply trust you. 

They trust you with the deepest, scariest parts of themselves. And they hold space for you to trust them in return. 

They trust you to be honest, open, and hold them accountable.

They may ask your opinion frequently because they trust your judgement and care about your thoughts. 

They know that their whole being is safe with you. And you feel the same way. 

Cultivating a Soulmate Connection

Finding true love in the form of a soulmate is priceless. But it doesn’t always happen in the timing or way that we want. 

Regardless of where you’re at in your relationship journey, cultivating a deep soulmate connection requires you hold space to be open, honest, and communicate freely. 

If you’re unhappy with your current or past relationships, it may be the time to take a pause, reflect inward, and focus on personal self-growth and development. You never know what may come of stopping the soulmate search and turning inwards. 

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