You may have known that your birth month can give you clues and insight into a lot of things about yourself. It can tell you things about your personality, relationships and maybe even give you advice on decisions or help you figure out what your future looks like!

But did you know that it can also tell you some surprisingly accurate things about your love life?

Keep in mind this is all just for fun. Hopefully you can use this information to learn a little bit more about your personality! So what does your birth month reveal? Find out in the descriptions below!


You’re pretty wild and very open with your love life. Some people might even call you quite the kinky lover.

When you find someone you want, you are very determined to get their attention and you don’t get discouraged easily.

You like to keep things fresh and try out new experiences as often as you can and you have a way of persuading your partner to do things they may never have considered before.


You’re a passionate person with your lover, especially in the beginning when everything is just starting to get physical.

There’s an excitement there that you find thoroughly enjoyable, but once the honeymoon phase is over, sometimes you can become distant and stand-offish.

Infatuation is always the most exhilarating part of a new intimate encounter, but you need to find a way to keep the fire alive on a longterm basis.


Love making is an incredibly intimate and deeply personal thing for you. It can even be enlightening or spiritual in many ways.

For this reason you tend to be very particular about who you share it with, and you’re not big on casual encounters.

Those who do get the privilege of enjoying love with you are lucky, as you have a special ability to be a mind-blowing lover.


You’re the kind of person who gives their absolute best in bed every time, no matter what. You’re very competitive and it shows even in your intimate conquests.

Nobody walks away from love with you unsatisfied, not if you have anything to say about it!

You tend to be very dominant but you’re far from selfish, you want everyone to have the best experience possible and that’s what pleases you the most.


You have a tendency toward being a perfectionist and you don’t like to stray too far from the traditional setting for love.

You need to feel fully comfortable where you are and you do not like to be rushed.

As long as everything is up to your standards though, the love is definitely worth the trouble.

You need a perfect atmosphere because deep down you are a true artist of love and every experience is a masterpiece.


You are an intimate adventurer, always craving something interesting and different.

You love to step up the game and you’re not afraid to use whatever tools or opportunities you can.

You’re also a natural born rebel and you love to get into anything normally considered especially taboo.

As long as your partner is as open as you are, the two of you are an unstoppable force.


Those born in July are some of the most giving and selfless lovers.

You’ve been blessed with a consistently satisfying love life and this is in part because you are always so focused on making your partner feel good that they can’t help but want to give right back.

You are a fiercely loyal person and what you really want is a strong emotional connection with anyone you choose to sleep with.

You can enjoy casual love making sometimes but it’s just never as good for you as love making with someone you feel an affinity with.


Your love life can be, to put it kindly, a bit of a mess.

You seem to go back and forth between being so interested in your partner’s pleasure that you forget to enjoy yourself, and being so obsessed with getting your own that you might as well forget your partner!

You’re perfectly capable of giving (and receiving) great intimate pleasure, but you need to decide which type of lover you really want to be first. Find your focus, and your experiences will get better and better.


You are a generally emotional and extremely passionate person, so this will show through in your love life as well as in everything you do.

You find yourself able to preform most impressively when you have an honest and genuine connection to your partner.

You like to pick your partners carefully and you need for there to be a little romance involved before love making can happen.


You have quite the skill set when it comes to making love, and oh don’t you know it!

You can be a little arrogant at times about your intimate prowess but there is good reason for it, so who can really blame you?

You love foreplay and the prospect of “the chase” is one of the most exciting things for you. You are a master of the slow seduction and it really is a lost art.

Those that get to be the object of your affections are lucky indeed.


You just might be the kinkiest of everyone in your love life. You particularly enjoy role playing and the psychological aspect of it all.

You enjoy exploring themes of submission and dominance with your partner and you just don’t find regular love making all that appealing without a little spice.

You enjoy the feeling of belonging to one person intimately and you can also be a little possessive yourself.


You’re just a plain ol’ good time in bed. You know how to get creative and original with the things you do in bed and that results in being a lot of fun.

You’re good natured and not insecure, which makes your partner feel extra comfortable themselves between the sheets.

You love to bring the shy ones right out of their shells and with your winning personality and easy going attitude, you’re great at it.

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