The Taurus is famous for their steady personality. No matter what the issue at hand is, Taurus is sure to handle it head on, in a cool, collected manner.

They are always stable and reliable, which makes them excellent partners and friends for many of the more chaotic signs in the Zodiac.

So what can we do to make a Taurus feel truly loved, supported, and appreciated as they should?

Read our 6 best ideas below.

1. Be patient, not pushy.

Sometimes it can take a little extra time for the Taurus to come around on things. Being forceful or impatient about it won’t do anyone any good though.

If you feel like you need a little something more from your Taurus, simply communicate your needs and then give them a little space to come to you.

They need to work things out on their own time, in their own way. It may take a little work, but it will be worth it in the end.

2. Know that a Taurus never forgets.

When it comes to memory, Taurus might as well be an elephant.

They are dedicated and sympathetic lovers, so if you’ve screwed up or done something wrong, there’s a good chance they will forgive you and try to work through it, just don’t expect them to forget your transgression anytime soon.

Once that mark is on your record, it’s there for good. They couldn’t forget it even if they wanted to, it’s just how they’re wired.

3. Your word is your bond, do not break your promises.

Any Taurus will tell you straight out that they would much rather you be completely honest and possibly upset or disappoint them, than make a promise you know you can’t really keep or follow through on to begin with.

Trust is everything to a Taurus and without it, there is no chance of a successful relationship.

Choose your words carefully, and never ever give your word on something that you can’t guarantee or be certain of.

4. Always be straight-forward, don’t expect a mind reader.

There is nothing a Taurus appreciates more than simple, clear honesty.

It is the most direct, no nonsense sign when it comes to communication and they can only respect someone who can reciprocate that direct authenticity.

Taurus does not have any desire to play games or try to interpret little hints, they aren’t psychic and they don’t like being forced to guess what you’re thinking/feeling or what’s bothering you.

Just come right out with it. Being forthright will always get you off to a good start.

5. Sex should be intimate and deeply personal.

The Taurus is not a one night stand type of sign.

They want to take things slow, to learn about their partner and to really experience an intense emotional and romantic connection with that person before they even consider having sex.

If these things haven’t happened, sex probably isn’t even on the table.

Take the time to talk to your Taurus about their feelings, don’t be afraid to have a conversation about what you both want and need from a sexual partner.

Not only is this a perfect opportunity to practice that directness and honesty, but it will make the experience much more pleasurable for the both of you.

6. Show that you respect them in small ways.

Taurus is not exactly what one might call a co-dependent sign. They don’t need your approval or affirmation every time they do something, but they do appreciate your respect.

It doesn’t take a grand theatrical gesture to show them that they have this, either.

It can be as simple as really listening to them when they speak, never interrupting or cutting them off, letting them know when you’re running late (it’s important to show them that you know their time is as valuable as yours), or just taking the initiative to ask them how things in their life are going.

Trust me, these things may seem small, but they will be noticed.

Give your Taurus the trust, honesty and respect that you know they’re worthy of, and they will feel the depth and sincerity of your love.

They will see that you understand and adore them for exactly who they are.

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