If you were born between May 21st and June 20th, your sign is that of the twins, Gemini. Gemini are some of the most fun, yet trying people around. Gemini are ruled by the planet Mercury and tend to think they know it all. But they’re also good at convincing others they know it all too. So what would only a Gemini understand?

1. Conflict is okay.

Most people shy away from conflict, but Gemini has no problem facing down tough situations. They recognize that from conflict, great resolutions can happen and change can take place. So don’t expect them to back down from a fight.

2. Intelligence is sexy.

To Gemini, you can have rockin’ abs and a pretty face and that’s alright, but the sexiest quality you have is your mind.

To them, a mind that’s been well worked out is just as hot as big muscles.

3. You can’t cage a Gemini.

Gemini are a hard bunch to lock down. They crave freedom and desire the ability to roam freely.

It’s not to say they can’t be convinced to join you in a permanent, long-term relationship, but for them it’ll have to be a special kind of relationship.

4. You are truly unique.

Most people share incredible similarities, but Gemini are their own special blend. Each one is different from the rest, partly due to their duality.

5. Lovers come easily, but…

Gemini are mysteriously attractive people. Friends and lovers flock to them.

But just because you’ve gone out on two dates with a Gemini doesn’t mean you’re married, and just because you’ve hung out a few times doesn’t make you besties.

6. Your shadow twin is real.

For Gemini, the shadow twin is real. They can totally pull a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type trick, depending on what’s going on.

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