We’ve all seen those little silica gel packets in packaging boxes and usually just toss them in the garbage. Well, you will be amazed at the life hacks that those little packets are useful for!  Keep reading to learn how they can make your life easier.

1. Reduce moisture in your gym bag

Reducing moisture in your gym bag will abolish the environment that bacteria thrives on. Put some silica bags in there and presto!  No more smelly gym bag!

2. Keep car windows fog free

By keeping silica packs on your dash you will keep the inside of your car windows fog free! This is a great hack, especially if you live in the Pacific Northwest!

3. Protect old photos

Our memories are precious and so are the old photos that capture them.  Putting silica packs in with your photos will help to keep them from decaying.

4. Razors will last longer

Razors are expensive!  To make them last longer, store them in a plastic bag or the original packaging with some silica packs.

5. Save a water-logged phone

Accidents happen and phones get dropped into water or taken through the wash cycle more often than you might think.

If this happens to your precious phone, dry it as best you can, then put it in a jar and fill the jar with silica packs.

6. Put them between your towels

Placing silica packs between your towels will keep them from getting damp and reduce the risk of them getting all smelly and moldy.

These are just a few uses for silica packs.  Can you think of different ways to use them to make your life easier?  Let us know in the comments!

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