Not many people have heard of the Psoas Muscle, but it’s actually one of the most important muscles in your body.

The Psoas Muscle exists on the side of your vertebral column, extending down to the edge of your pelvis.

It’s often referred to as the muscle of the soul because of the responsibility it has in our bodies.

Essentially, it connects our upper bodies to our lower bodies, our inside to our outside, and our back to our front.

If you spend the majority of your time sitting, like most of us do in an office setting, you could be locking up your hips without even knowing it.

Locked hips contributes to increased feelings of stress and fear that normally wouldn’t be felt otherwise. This clouds our ability to think and function like we’re supposed to.

These things impact our ability to think rationally, and you’d be surprised at the number of things in our lives that take advantage of this fact.

When we feel stress and anxiety, we’re more easily manipulated.

Advertising agencies are incredibly guilty of preying on our stress triggers and anxiety levels, which they know they can use to boost product sales.

When we spend all day sitting or working, not only do we cause ourselves more anxiety, but we also don’t have a chance to release any of the buildup.

Guess where this buildup of stress and anxiety gets stored? In our Psoas Muscles.

It’s the largest muscle in the body, and its size is comparable to the amount of responsibility it has.

For example, it’s largely tied to our flight or fight responses, which is responsible for the release of adrenaline during a situation where we stand our ground, or hightail it out of there.

When these types of responses occur, they produce stress hormones in the body that don’t go away if we don’t use them; they just get stored in the body.

This can lead to insomnia, anxiety, depression, and a weakened immune system.

There’s no one method that can help you get rid of the buildup that’s stored in your Psoas, but there are several methods you can use that will get rid of it through a gradual process.

One of the best ways to get rid of this stress buildup is through yoga and moving meditation. Stretching will help you engage specific parts of the body at specific times.

Many people think it’s about how stretchy you can be, but that means nothing. Yoga is about healing the body and focusing on yourself.

If you do the poses the way you’re supposed to do them, you’re getting 100 percent of the benefits despite how inflexible you may be.

Not only that, but you can learn these poses on your own and do them at home. You don’t need to be a member at the most expensive yoga studio in your neighborhood.

Even just taking ten minutes a day to stretch the muscle of the soul will have a positive impact on your health and emotional well-being.

You’ll be able to relax and move more freely, and you’ll feel your anxiety start to fade away over time.

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