Alcohol is not good for you, everyone knows that, here are some more reasons to ensure why you should stop drinking.

1. You can actually remember everything.

I don’t know how many times I’ve woken in the morning after a night of wild fun and drinks, only to find I don’t even remember how I got home or exactly what I said and did.

It’s not a fun feeling, wondering if you’ve caused trouble, upset people or just made a fool of yourself while drunk or buzzed. I’d rather be fully aware of my own behavior, thank you!

2. Never have a hangover again!

Need I say more? No more desperately dragging your haggard self out of bed, feeling like alcohol is seeping out of your pores, suffering from dry mouth, bad breath, dehydration and a seriously wicked headache!

No more wasting half a full day just to try and recover from last night’s shenanigans. Trust me, it feels so much better to be able to get up and do something productive.

3. Your bank account will thank you.

Drinks are expensive. A person can easily throw away 40 dollars just buying their own drinks on a Friday night, let alone if you’re the type to have a few and buy rounds for all the friends you’ve made.

It may be fun in the moment, but it’s always disappointing to wake up to an empty wallet the next day.

4. You won’t fixate on little problems.

When you’re drinking everything seems like a bigger deal than it really is.

Every little problem or annoyance or bothersome detail of your life is somehow amplified, and it can easily overwhelm a person and turn them into a very unpleasant drinking buddy.

Lose the booze and you’ll be able to focus on real problems that have real solutions, not just dramatic interpretations of silly stuff.

5. Your immune system will be stronger.

It’s probably not news to anyone that liquor isn’t great for the body.

It weakens the immune system and wears away at the lining of the mouth, esophagus and stomach, which makes your more susceptible to harmful pathogens.

6. No more personal drama due to drunken mistakes.

Nobody really makes great decisions when they’re drinking.

Some people might be lucky enough to avoid major problems, but most of us are pretty good at being downright dumb and we make a lot of mistakes.

We say things we don’t mean and do things we shouldn’t.

Toss the juice and you’ll find your personal life is a lot less tangled and dramatic, no risk of hurting somebody without even meaning to. Your friends will appreciate you more.

7. You may find sobriety more stimulating.

Keeping your wits about you when you go out is surprisingly fun, and whether you just sit and people watch, or get engaged in good conversation with someone, it’s always a better experience when you’re fully aware of what’s happening and can keep up.

8. You learn more about your friendships.

You’ll probably realize that some of your friends were really just drinking buds and you don’t have much more in common than that.

Those people may fade away but your true friends, who really understand and care for you, will come out of the woodwork and you’ll be a better person for it.

9. You learn to enjoy your own company more.

Alcohol is okay for some, but for a lot of people it’s a very toxic and destructive thing.

You’re not really yourself when you drink, and getting sober is kind of like meeting and getting to know yourself all over again.

You may find that your sober self is pretty awesome company.

10. You’ll feel and look great.

Alcohol has all kinds of fun negative effects. It can mess with your skin, your breath, your hair, and numerous inner organs that affect your appearance.

After quitting you’ll feel stronger, restored and youthful and trust me, you’ll look it, too!

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