Spouses or significant others cheating on each other might sound like a normal occurrence, until it happens to you.

According to the experts, most women cheat because they feel something lacking emotionally within their relationship, but men typically cheat because they feel something lacking physically.

Regardless of motives, women and men cheat at about the same rate, which some people might find surprising.

What’s more interesting is that partners who tend to cheat are also more likely to be untrustworthy in other areas of the relationship.

Covering up an affair leads to more and more lies, which then makes it easier to lie in general; the more a partner lies, the more he or she becomes comfortable doing it.

The trick is finding a partner you know will never feel the need to cheat. Here are five signs he or she will never cheat.

1. They Keep You Informed

If you’re with someone who enjoys keeping you up to date on their life outside of the relationship, the chances that they cheat will be very small.

Dishonest people tend to share as little as possible in an attempt to minimize the risk that they give away too much.

Sharing shows that your partner not only wants to include you in the little details of their life, but that they take pride in telling you as well.

2. Their Schedule is Full

When your partner is forced to juggle work, school, the relationship, and other responsibilities, you can rest easy that they don’t have time for an affair.

Affairs are like second relationships; although they might not be as in depth, they still take time and energy away from the other aspects of life.

When your partner is busy, they don’t have time for another relationship, especially one that demands physical attention.

3. They’re Honest in Everything

It’s easy to tell if you’re with an honest partner; simply think back to when they told you they were going to do something.

If they keep their word in almost every aspect of the relationship, you can be pretty sure they aren’t sleeping around.

As was stated before, if a partner is cheating, they tend to lie about other aspects of the relationship as well. Honest people are honest no matter the situation.

4. They Cut All Ties to Past Romances

Some people insist on staying in touch with past romantic partners, but this is just unnecessary.

If your partner has cut all ties to past relationships, not only does it mean they’re serious, but it also means they’re going to stay faithful.

Nothing good can come from staying in touch with past partners, and it will only serve to hurt your current partner’s feelings.

5. They Make Time for You

When your partner fights to make time with you, and actually comes through, you know you’re the only one on their mind.

When a partner begins having an affair, it’s no secret that they’ll start spending less and less time with you.

Your partner should always try to find a little extra time here and there, and if they do, they probably aren’t going to cheat.

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