There is a certain type of person whose perspectives and outlooks are very different from others.

This person perceives the world not with the sprightly eyes of a young person, but with the weathered and wary eyes of an old person.

The Old Soul is a natural born sage, mystic and counselor.  They often provide guidance and are a strong support to others.

Having an Old Soul in your life is an incredible blessing .   Yet, in our fast paced world it is so easy to take the gifts they offer us for granted.

Below are 5 things to keep in mind if you love an old soul.

1. If They Say They “Have a Feeling” About Something, Listen!

Old souls often get gut instincts about people and situations. Sometimes it may seem illogical or just plain crazy,  but they’ve learned to hone in on their intuition, and it’s rarely ever wrong.

2. Their Partner Needs to Have His/Her Own Dreams and Goals

Old souls are looking for the kind of person who thinks for themselves, makes their decisions and lives their life the way they want to and not the way someone else expects them to.

They have to have their own goals and a desire to better themselves and not just follow a path someone else has paved for them or told them to go down.

3. Communication is Very Important

To an old soul, communication is one of the greatest forms of intimacy.

Hearing about your history, learning about the way you look at life and how you understand the world around you is exactly what helps an old soul better connect with their partner.

Don’t ever think any story is too boring or unimportant. They want to hear it.

4. They Are Quick to Forgive, But They Never Forget

Don’t expect a third strike from an old soul. In fact, don’t expect a second one.

The same wisdom that makes someone an old soul is the same wisdom that they rely on to spot patterns of behavior.

Old souls know that nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes.

Old souls are tolerant and forgiving, but don’t mistake their tolerance as weakness and think that they’re a pushover.  If you do, you will find yourself out the door.

5. Old Souls Value the Simple Things in Life

Don’t worry about trying to impress an old soul.

The easiest way to their heart is just doing things like exploring a city, long drives in the country, a trip to the bookstore, or long conversations.

They value seemingly simplistic gestures over anything else because it’s in those moments where they feel they truly connect with someone.

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