Every relationship comes with ups and downs.

But, you can be sure that there are signs in every relationship that show very loudly and clearly whether or not you should keep your partner around for an extended period of time.

Here are 5 sure signs that you are with the right person. If these things are true about your relationship, never let them go!

1. They make you laugh until you cry

Having a sense of humor is one of the most important things in a partner.  And, if you share their sense of humor, you can be certain that your relationship will be filled with laughter and great times!

Inside jokes, silly random dances in their underwear while sweeping the kitchen, the list goes on and the fun will never end!

2. They don’t try to control you

If someone truly loves you, they will give you a chance to have your space and not get jealous or possessive.

They will respect your need to hang out with your friends and won’t question where you are each second of the day.

If this is true about your partner, that means that he/she is confident enough in your relationship to trust you when you aren’t together.  That’s huge!

3. They calm you

A partner who knows you well knows what pushes your buttons and will try not to hit them if at all possible. But, of course, other people in your life won’t be so considerate.

If your partner is willing to do what it takes to calm you down – giving you a back rub, going on a walk with you, or simply giving you a chance to vent without interruption – never let them go.

4. They believe in you

If your partner makes you feel as if anything you want to accomplish is possible and is your biggest cheerleader, never let that person go.

A true partner-in-life won’t be jealous of your accomplishments and won’t try to compete with you.

They consider you to be their equal, and want both of you to be successful.

They calm every one of the insecurities in your mind, and make you feel as if nothing is out of your reach.

5. They love you unconditionally

Your partner loves you so much, they accept both your blemishes and your good qualities. They cherish all aspects of you, the good and the bad.

They know you’re not perfect and don’t expect you to be.  Your partner understands that a person’s quirky characteristics make them fascinating.

So, they adore you regardless of your imperfections and would never even consider trying to change you.

If this is true about your partner, hang on to that person forever and cherish them in the same way!

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