Everyone wants to know whether or not they’re smart.

It’s hard not to compare yourself to the people you go to school or work with, and it’s also hard to tell just how smart someone is without having a ton of information on hand.

However, it might be surprising to find out what qualities a person has that hints to their level of intellect.

If you want to know if you’re intelligent, check out these three traits that science tells us all smart people tend to have in common.

It could tell you just how smart you are, and how you stack up to those around you.

1. Intelligent People Are Usually Messy

If you’re intelligent, then you’re probably messy.

In recent studies, science has shown that some of the most intelligent people are also some of the messiest.

Having a cluttered desk can actually promote creative thinking and inspire new ideas.

Don’t let anyone tell you your room, office, or desk space is messy; it gives you the ability to think outside of the box.

2. Intelligent People Talk to Themselves

If you see someone talking to no one in particular, your first instinct might be to call them crazy.

However, this person could be the smartest individual you come into contact with all day.

Talking helps you keep ideas fresh in your head, even if there isn’t anyone around to hear them.

People need to talk things through or hear their ideas out loud to really get a sense for what they’re about.

Not only do they remember things better, but they also solve problems a lot more quickly.

3. Intelligent People Have Foul Mouths

Cursing isn’t what people think it is. Let’s be honest, curse words are just words that people attribute negative feelings to; they aren’t inherently bad words to say.

Studies show that people who have higher intelligence levels tend to use swear words more so than the average person.

If you have a large vocabulary of swear words that you can use thoroughly, it’s also a sign of rhetorical strength.

Don’t be ashamed when you curse, remember that it means you’re smart.

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