Virgos can be some of the most wonderful companions and comrades in life. They are sociable, witty and trustworthy buds that will make you feel lucky to have them as a friend. Below are 5 things you should definitely know if you want to make and keep friendships with virgos.

1. They’re always there with a helping hand.

Virgos are naturally very generous people. This applies to pretty much everything in their lives from money, to opening their homes to others, and even their own personal time and energy.

They see a friend in need and they just want to help in whatever way they can. Even when they’ve got nothing material to give, they’ll devote as much effort as necessary to help you out and make you happy.

2. They’re fiercely loyal, but only if that loyalty is reciprocated.

Virgos are selfless when it comes to the people they love, but they also know their own self worth and they won’t stick around to be used or neglected by someone who only understands how to take and not give back.

They will give everything they have to your relationship and undying loyalty is a part of that, but if you can’t or won’t return the sentiment, they’d rather spend their efforts on someone who will.

3. They tend to be homebodies.

The Virgo isn’t necessarily shy, but they do love to be right in their comfort zone and they’ll stay there all the time if you let them.

Getting your Virgo friend to come out with you can be a chore, you’ll need to have a set plan for the whole day/night and they’ll want to know all the details.

If they think you haven’t planned well, they’re not likely to venture from home. All they really want though, is to know that they won’t be left in a corner somewhere on their own while you mingle.

4. The details matter to them.

Virgos can be very sensitive at times. They are very intuitive and they pick up on slight variations and nuances, for this reason it can be easy to offend or upset them without even realizing it or meaning to.

Fortunately though, this also means that small gestures of kindness or affection are never overlooked, and you can win forgiveness back with a simple reassurance of friendship.

5. They can be socially anxious and self-conscious.

While Virgos can be confident and even a little cocky in the company of people they’re used to, they tend to get nervous and very self conscious in the public eye and around strangers.

It’s very intimidating for them to go into public situations where there are crowds, they often think that everyone is staring and probably judging them.

It’s important when they get this way to remind them that they aren’t under a spotlight, we’re all flawed people hoping not to be judged and they’re there to have fun with friends, no need to worry about anything or anyone else.