If you’re an empath, you’ve experienced more emotion than most.

Being an empath means that you tend to feel other peoples’ emotions and physical sufferings due to having a highly-tuned sensitivity.

They act as a filter for the world, and in some cases, it makes it extremely difficult to express their feelings in words.

My own experiences as an empath have taught me what this feeling is like first hand.

At times, my ability to feel the emotions of the people around me can be overwhelming, and I’ve had to learn to tune some of it out in order to focus.

Being an empath has its challenges, but it can also be a rewarding gift when it comes to the people you care about the most.

Here are five experiences that empaths are all too familiar with.

1. You Feel Extremely Sensitive

Empaths are more emotionally developed than the average person, and because of this, they are excellent listeners, open-minded, and they tend to give their all when it comes to personal relationships.

Feeling other peoples’ pain and emotions allows them to be profound nurturers, especially when it comes to romantic relationships.

This doesn’t mean they are too sensitive, it just means that they can feel what the people around them are going through.

2. You Take On Other Peoples’ Emotions

Another experience all empaths are familiar with is that they tend to absorb the emotions of the people they’re around.

They are highly perceptive when it comes to the people closest to them, and that means that they feel literally every emotion that’s floating around.

If they’re with someone negative, this can have a horrible impact on their daily lives. Conversely, positive people will have the perfect impact.

3. You’ve Experienced a High Level of Intuition

If you’re experiencing incredibly high intuition on a regular basis, you’re probably an empath.

This means that your gut feelings about a person or a particular situation are probably something worth listening to.

Luckily for empaths, their high levels of intuition allow them to surround themselves with people who are going to have a positive impact on their lives as a whole, not people who tend to think negatively.

4. You Need Your Alone Time

Taking on other peoples’ emotions tends to be a tiring enterprise, so empaths need time to themselves in order to unwind and recharge.

This doesn’t mean that they need a whole day or long period of time to keep from getting emotionally overwhelmed; even the slightest break away from others can be enough to balance out.

5. You Seek the Comforts of Nature

Having the need to be surrounded by nature is another experience that empaths tend to feel from time to time.

The busyness and tiring nature of society, or being around people, can make nature the perfect escape.

Being in the natural world helps them find peace even faster than just being alone. It restores an empath’s energy while releasing harmful stressors.

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