Bragging is an immature act that should probably stop at some point before you graduate high school. The problem is that we see it literally every day.

Social media has made it incredibly easy to brag and have the entire world listen to you.

People even brag about the meals they have via social media, posting pictures for their friends or followers to see; I don’t care what you’re eating, and in no way is your meal going to elevate the status you hold in my eyes.

Even the term “followers” insinuates that you’re the leader of your little social media tribe.

The fact is, you should never brag about anything. Having confidence isn’t a good excuse for bragging-like behavior.

Confidence is believing in yourself, bragging is only an attempt at looking good in the eyes of others. But there are things, besides all topics, that you should never brag about.

Here are six.

1. Sports Teams

This is something numerous people like to brag about, yet many of them have absolutely no connection to the team at all.

I’ve heard people brag about their favorite NFL team, but they don’t even live in the area where the team is based.

It’s one thing to enjoy a comeback that your alma mater pulled off in the last seconds of play, but if a team you have no association to completely destroys an obviously worse opponent, keep your mouth shut.

2. Various Modes of Transportation

When it comes to your car, truck, motorcycle, or tricked out RV, just drive it.

If you like to work on cars, you don’t need to flood your social media page with the latest thing you’re doing to the engine.

Not only are most people clueless as to what you’re doing, but they don’t really care either.

The reality is, cars are just tools to get you from one place to another, and a lot of us are satisfied with that.

3. Significant Others

It’s hard not to brag when you’ve found a partner who truly makes you happy.

However, we’ve all experienced that person who just won’t shut up about their boyfriend or girlfriend.

At some point, you have to realize that this person you’re now infatuated with is only this significant to you; no one else has any close or intimate connection to this person, so we just don’t care as much.

4. A Night to Remember

If you have a great story about something totally unexpected happening last night, it’s fine to talk about the next day, but leave it at that.

After these stories have been heard once, they sort of lose their luster from that point on.

Not only do you look bad talking about yourself and some friends nonstop, but it won’t be as significant to someone who wasn’t involved.

If you are going to talk about what happened last night, at least make sure it’s something truly interesting.

5. Careers

Taking pride in your work is great, especially because so many people hate their jobs.

However, because so many people hate their jobs, you shouldn’t talk about how much you love yours; you’re just making it harder for those who have enough trouble waking up in the morning.

For many people, a job is only a tool that serves a greater purpose in life, so talking about yours won’t really be that interesting.

6. Exercise

Most Americans have difficulty working out. Although choosing to work out and get the right amount of exercise is an obviously healthy life decision, it’s still not the norm.

When you constantly talk about how much you work out, people don’t take to it very well, especially if they can’t relate.

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