Each couple is different, the same as each individual is different. But just about everywhere you go, love is the same. There are some habits that strong couples make sure to do. These are 5 of the most important.

1. Be conscious of your commitment.

It’s going to sound a bit corny, but each day, reaffirm your love for your partner.

Say it out loud to them that you love them and you are with them. Each morning should begin with commitment.

2. Share special moments.

Every day, take a moment to look back on the special moments you and your love shared that day. Even talk about them a little bit if you like.

At the same time, look back at things that maybe could have gone a little bit better too.

3. Solve problems together.

Every individual, as well as every couple, has problems. Solving your problems together is one of the greatest strength-building habits around.

Talk openly about the issues you face and don’t be afraid to accept a little advice.

4. Be open with your communication.

I’ve seen the strongest of relationships brought down by the fact that the people in them couldn’t communicate with one another effectively.

There’s no issue too uncomfortable or taboo to discuss.

5. Spend time apart.

This list has been mostly about spending time together, doing things together, and growing together.

But it’s also important to spend some time apart, to have different hobbies, to take solo trips.

Every strong relationship needs room to breathe.

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